FarmHouse 7 300x200We shot these photos in the Fall of 2008 with only a few weeks to go before the family could move in. Construction started in the middle of May, and Katy and Chris Hagerson are looking forward to being in their new home by Christmas.

We've been married 7 years, said Katy‚ and before we got married, we redid a tiny, little house on the farm and fixed it up. I did that myself. I've always been interested in decorating, and I thought I was pretty good at it until I started using Mark. Now I don't make a decision about anything without asking. But he even helped on that little house because I needed some furniture, some prints and accessories added to my living room.

FarmHouse 7 300x200Then they decided to build the farmhouse about three years ago, but it got put on the back burner, just not sure if the timing was right. So they moved into a house in town, and we kind of perfected the farmhouse plan during that time, just to make sure it was right and to be ready, knowing that someday they were going to build.

Of the house in town Katy said, was under construction when we bought it, so I got to finish it out and make upgrades. But Mark was involved in it from sheetrock on.

She and I had picked out the fabrics, the paint colors, custom bedding, everything.

FarmHouse 7 300x200When we decided to sell it, the sign went up on Thursday and by Sunday we had an offer. It showed every day with different realtors showing it. And each one said, Your house sold because of how it was decorated, because it was decorated professionally. You know, people could visualize their things in our house.

When we were finally ready to build, we went back to the original architect but he was too busy to handle it. The second architect we used made me go ahead and pick out things like size of baseboards and molding, where I wanted wainscoting, what type of flooring. She‚ real particular about that, so that when you go get your bid, it‚ really true to what you want.

FarmHouse 7 300x200Like flooring‚ where do you want hardwood, where do you want carpet? We had to pick out crown molding, we had to go ahead and pick out doors. This was probably the most methodical house plan I ever worked on anywhere. Look on the back page of the plans and those specs are all there.

And the builder said he'd never seen anything like it. And I could have changed my mind‚ and did ‚about some of that. Because not everything, like these moldings were not in the plan. The builder called me one week and said, Have you already picked out that molding? I've got to know about your wainscoting. Well, I had taken Mark profiles of moldings and we had discussed it. You know, I've sent Mark numerous emails saying, Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me decide those things! Like the molding panels at the angle, I just didn't realize.

I was asked recently by someone who's about to take this plunge would I do it again. And I said, You're going to think I'm crazy, but I would under two circumstances: I have Tim Faircloth as a builder and Mark as a decorator. Because the decisions are so overwhelming you need that help and having someone to bounce ideas off of and guide you. Even though most of the ideas here are Mark's, he is real careful that this home will reflect me and my family and the way our family lives - lifestyle.
FarmHouse 7 300x200FarmHouse 7 300x200FarmHouse 7 300x200FarmHouse 7 300x200

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Photography courtesy of David Parks.
Content courtesy of Sumter County Magazine.

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