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This project was a complete redo of a condo at the Waterview Towers Yacht Club in Destin, Florida, in what I call‚ Destin where you have the best of both worlds with the harbor view on the front side and the beach view at the back of the condominium.

My clients were a retired couple from Alabama with a large extended family and friends that they really enjoyed entertaining at the beach. They already had a 3 bedroom condo, but they needed that extra space. So when they saw the opportunity they purchased the condominium next to theirs on the penthouse floor. The problem was the neighboring condo was stuck in 1982. It had to be gutted and remodeled, and that's where I came in.

I was referred to them by a friend of mine who was a friend of theirs, and we hit it off immediately. The day I met with them I took catalogs of different things that I had envisioned for a Destin beach condo for people that like boating and fishing. They only thing that was requested was that it had to be functional and kid-friendly because they have young grandchildren.

DestinFloridaHome 58 960x667They trusted me to do the whole condominium. I don't know an exact date, but just from looking at the external architecture and interior design, I would say these condos were built in the late 70s or early 80s. It was supposed to be a 2-bath, 3-bedroom 2,500-2,800 square foot condo, but the original owner made it into a 2-bedroom by making a large master suite with a big master bath. There was a large emerald green, cultured marble garden tub with mirrors everywhere. All the windows were completely draped and the floors were all carpeted.

The couple had previously used Ascott Construction for some other projects there in Florida. I met with them one time, and Scotty Lewis and Mike Hewitt, who spearheaded the project, drew up everything we needed. I redesigned the entire master bathroom with a walk-in shower. I left the tub and the toilet in the small bathroom, but I redesigned the shower so that you could just basically run children in, run children out. I tile-floored everything so that it was easy for beach sand and sweeping. There are scatter rugs everywhere, but everything is tile.

DestinFloridaHome 58 960x667My biggest challenge was that I needed space for at least 8 people. I came up with children's bunk-bed nooks with the TV insets. It's a nook, a little sleep nook, with pocket doors to close it up (a pocket door is a sliding door that disappears, when fully open, into a compartment in the adjacent wall). Then there's a pull-out sofa in the larger bedroom. The kitchen was completely gutted and remodeled. It is completely functional, large enough for 3 or 4 people to be in the kitchen even though it's a small condo.

We made one change to the main condo, replacing all of the window dressing in there with the bamboo shades. They fell in love with the ones I placed in the new condo because they have the black-out lining on the back. That helps a lot with heat, because being on the 8th floor you really don't have any trees to help block the sunshine. So now they have the Skandia Melhanna bamboo blinds throughout both condos.

DestinFloridaHome 58 960x667The project took about 8 months start to finish. I did most of it from here in Americus, communicating through emails, talking with the owners on the phone just to give updates. I went down one other time just to check on progress, and in the meantime had specked out everything for the furnishings and had all of it ready, waiting in my warehouse for the construction to be finished.

I would say the best part of this project was being able to meet this couple only once, being with them for just half a day, and knowing exacting what they wanted. And when it was installed, they were happy with the entire condo.

DestinFloridaHome 58 960x667DestinFloridaHome 58 960x667DestinFloridaHome 58 960x667DestinFloridaHome 58 960x667DestinFloridaHome 58 960x667DestinFloridaHome 58 960x667


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