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Pam Horne
F.Y.I. For Your Interiors

“I’m probably more bold and willing to try something different.”

With 5 years experience in design, Pam Horne’s ideas are fresh and new, yet rooted in Southern tradition. As a little girl, she watched her mother create flower arrangements for her Garden Club, and tagged along on many an antique hunt.

“And when I was young, she and my daddy built a new house, so they started from scratch with everything. And over the years I watched it evolve, with first paint colors and trims and then furniture pieces and accessories. That was an education in itself.”

With degrees in Marketing and, later, in Education, her career didn’t bring her to design until she was in her thirties. Still, in making jewelry and in making silk and fresh cut flower arrangements for friends and family, she had always been using her natural feel for design and for texture, shape and color.

After working for a while at Decorating Unlimited, she went out on her own. While sending out “F.Y.I.” cards to her clients to let them know where she was, she realized that the “F.Y.I.” would be a good business name, For Your Interiors.

Later, after moving over to the Shops on Cotton, Pam opened a fabric shop. Now For Your Interiors is not only Pam’s home base for her design business, it also offers fabric for upholstery, bedding and window treatments, providing local designers with a resource that hadn’t been available before. Designers can now come to her with paint color swatches, and be able to buy fabric locally. Even when a client has already bought fabric out of town, designers will ask Pam to find additional fabric to match or compliment it.

“I love shopping for unique accessories, and I especially like designing window treatments and bedding.” But what Pam enjoys most is starting a design job from scratch with a whole house, like she watched her parents do. That is a special, yet familiar challenge. But whether the job is big or small, Pam’s first question is always, “What do you not like?”

“Some people don’t want birds, or they don’t want butterflies or flowers. Maybe they can’t stand plaid fabric, or they don’t want a floral design. So I try to get a feel for what they want and to see how they live; if it’s a casual home or casual-elegant or more formal and traditional. Or they’ll say, ‘I like that Pottery Barn look,’ and you have to interpret. That usually means clean lines and no clutter.”

“But whatever the job, mostly I like it when the clients just let me go in and work and use my creativity. Of course, I’ve shown them everything and gotten approval, but I love it when they come in at the end and say, ‘Oh my gosh, It’s exactly what I wanted!’”

Providing fabric for her self and other local designers, as well as for the public, also accomplishes another goal for Pam. “Shop local,” she says, “Support your local economy, because if we don’t stick together, one by one we just won’t be here anymore. This building as a whole is like one-stop shopping. We even have lots of out-of-town customers who come and park and shop. They love Americus!”

Currently Pam is designing residential, professional office and commercial spaces. Recent commercial design projects include the Lee County Middle School lobby and conference room and, most notably, the Dog House Bar & Grill in downtown Americus.